5 Common Motorcycle Accident Questions

If you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, check out these 5 common motorcycle accident questions. Then, call our attorneys.

1) Do I have a claim if I was injured while riding as a passenger a motorcycle?

5 Common Motorcycle Accident QuestionsWe were asked recently whether someone who is a passenger on a motorcycle and who is injured in an accident can pursue an injury claim in Kansas. The answer is yes. In fact, there may be a couple different claims that a passenger of a motorcycle can pursue. There could be a claim against the other driver, and also there could be a claim against the driver of the motorcycle that you’re riding on. It just depends on who was at fault, and a skilled attorney can help determine which driver is at fault, or whether possibly both drivers are at fault, and can pursue a claim for you for those damages.

2) What happens if a poorly maintained road in Kansas caused my injuries?

One question we get a lot is if a motorcycle has an accident as a result of poorly maintained roads, can a claim be pursued against the town for those poorly maintained roads. The answer is yes, if the town had notice of the fact that the road was not well maintained. There may be some shorter timelines for reporting the injury and providing the town notice of your injury claim, but there can be a claim pursued against the town for their responsibility in maintaining those roads.

3) I was forced off the road by a driver causing injury, do I have a claim?

We were talking to somebody recently who was on a motorcycle and had been forced off the road by another driver but didn’t actually make contact with the driver. They were seriously injured, however, and they wanted to know if they could still pursue a claim for those injuries in Kansas. The answer is yes. If another driver forces you off the road, even if you don’t make contact with that other driver, that other driver is still responsible for your injuries and your damages, and you can pursue a claim against that driver.

4) How do I determine the value of my motorcycle accident claim in Kansas?

Many people want to know what the value of their motorcycle accident case in Kansas is. There are several things that go into determining the value of your case. There are several different types of damages that you can recover because of a motorcycle accident case in Kansas. One is economic damages. Those are the things like medical bills, prescription costs and lost wages that we can pursue for you and recover for you. That includes both those medical bills and lost wages in the past, but also those things going forward, and any medical treatment that you’re going to need in the future, and that kind of thing.

Another type of damage, though, is what’s called non-economic damages, and that includes things like pain and suffering, inconvenience of getting treatment, the disruption to your life, the effect that this injury has had on your life, again, both within the past and in the future. Once we have all the information about both your economic and your non-economic damages, then we can help you determine the true value of your case and help you get the best recovery for your case.

5) How long is it going to take to resolve my motorcycle accident injury claim in Kansas?

A lot of people want to know how long it’s going to take to resolve their motorcycle accident case in Kansas. That is really something that is impossible to predict. It’s not something that can be determined immediately. The most important thing is that you focus on getting the treatment that you need, recovering from your injuries, and getting your life back.

While you’re doing that, we will be working on your case, gathering all the evidence, and getting everything ready so that when you are done with treatment, we will reach out to the insurance carrier and see if we can negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement for your case. If the insurance carrier is not willing to be fair and reasonable and not willing to compensate you for your injuries, then we may have to take it to trial, and that may take a little bit longer.

Regardless of the time involved, the most important thing is making sure that you get the best recovery possible to protect you and your family for the injuries that you’ve suffered, as well as the consequences in the future. If you have any questions about this or any other questions involving your motorcycle accident case, give us a call right away.

Were you or a loved one severely injured in a motorcycle accident in Kansas and have questions? After reading our 5 common motorcycle accident questions, contact our experienced Kansas motorcycle accident lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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