Kansas Nursing Home Negligence Case Timeline

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How long does a nursing home negligence case take in Kansas?


One question we get a lot is, how long is it going to take to resolve my nursing home negligence case in Kansas? That is something that really depends on the specific facts of your case. If you have a loved one in a nursing home who suffers a fall because of the nursing home’s negligence and is injured, then the focus at that point needs to be on getting your loved one the treatment that they need so that they can recover from their injuries.

While that’s happening, we will be working on the case. We will be gathering all of the evidence and preparing the case so that when the doctors say that your loved one is done with the treatment that they need, then we will present a demand to the insurance carrier to see if we can get the case settled. If the insurance carrier is fair and reasonable and willing to pay for the damages caused, then we might be able to get the case settled quickly. If the insurance carrier, however, is not fair and reasonable, not willing to pay the damages that have been caused, then we’re going to have to file suit and pursue your case through the court and probably or potentially even take the case to a jury trial. All of that activity will add extra time.

It will take time, but regardless of how much time it takes, our Number One goal is to make sure we get a good recovery, the best recovery for you and your loved one regardless of how much time that takes. If you have any questions about how much time it will take to resolve your nursing home negligence case or any other questions about your nursing home negligence case, just give us a call. We’d be happy to talk through that with you.

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