Wrongful Death Claim Timeline

Did you lose a loved one and you have questions about the wrongful death claim timeline? Watch this video to learn how long a case can take.


How long does a wrongful death case last in Kansas?


A common question we get is how long it will take to resolve a wrongful death case in Kansas. That is really a difficult question to answer and it’s not the same for everyone. The main thing that you will want to work on or focus on initially is the grieving process. While you’re doing that, we will be working on your case, we will be investigating, we will be gathering all of the evidence necessary to present your case. Once that is done, we will then submit the case to the insurance carrier for demand to see if we can get the case settled. If the insurance carrier is fair and reasonable and willing to pay for the damages that their insured caused, then we might be able to get the case settled pretty quickly, but if the insurance carrier is not fair and reasonable, not willing to pay your damages, then they have to pursue the case, file the case in court, and take the case to a jury trial. All of those things will take more time, adds time to the process, but our number one goal regardless of the time involved is to make sure we get the best recovery for you, and we’ll be focused on that no matter how much time it takes. If you have any questions about your wrongful death case, just give us a call.

Has a loved one recently passed away in Kansas due to the negligence of someone else and you have questions about the wrongful death claim timeline? Contact our experienced Kansas wrongful death lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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