Mistakes After a Bicycle Accident

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What are common mistakes people make if they have been injured in a bicycle accident?


We were talking to somebody who was injured in a bicycle accident case in Kansas. Unfortunately, this person made a lot of the mistakes that we see a lot of people make. Some of the common mistakes we see in bicycle accident cases are, one, they don’t collect all the evidence or aren’t able to collect all the evidence as soon as possible there at the scene. Sometimes, the injuries suffered in a bicycle accident can be pretty significant and severe, which may require you have to go to the emergency room so you’re not even in a position to gather all that evidence there at the scene, to take photos, or talk to witnesses. Because of that, it’s important to hire an attorney very quickly so that the attorney can investigate and preserve that evidence for you.

Another common mistake we see in bicycle accident cases is people will talk to the insurance company of the responsible driver and give a recorded statement. That is a very serious mistake. You do not want to talk to the insurance carrier under any circumstances. It may seem like it’s okay for you to do that because you’re just going to tell the truth. What harm there can be in that? The insurance company’s goal, however, in talking to you and gathering a statement from you is to determine a way to justify in their minds delaying or denying your claim entirely. They are skilled at doing this. They will ask questions in a certain way or in a certain order that helps them deny your claim.

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes we see people make is they just hire the wrong attorney. They hire somebody that is really not focused on getting the best recovery for them. They fail to get an attorney who is an experienced trial attorney, someone experienced in handling bicycle accident cases. You want to make sure that you have an attorney with this experience and who is prepared to take your case to trial and present your case to a jury if that’s necessary. Don’t make these mistakes. Hire an attorney quickly, one that is the right attorney. If you have any questions about how to avoid these common mistakes or any other questions about your bicycle accident case, just give us a call. We’d be happy to answer your questions.

Were you or a loved one severely injured in a bicycle accident in Kansas and have questions about the common mistakes after a bicycle accident? Contact our experienced Kansas bicycle accident lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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